Friday 19 Jul 2019

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A total of 348 people completed our questionnaire survey. Of those who responded over three quarters watch television at least 4 days per week but only 20 per cent get Sheffield specific information from the television. Typical of the comments we received was the observation that regional television news “serves Sheffield poorly”, being “too heavily focused on Leeds”. Local TV was viewed by many as a means to improve access to local news and information, but Sheffield’s vibrant music, entertainment, arts, festival and sports scenes were also highlighted as providing opportunities for local TV content. Of those who responded 87 per cent said they would be quite likely or very likely to check out programmes on Sheffield Local TV if the station was launched tomorrow.

If you missed the survey but would like to send us your ideas and suggestions for Sheffield’s local television channel, please click here to post your comments.

Here are some comments that are typical of what you told us: “Sheffield has so much creativity in arts, music, entertainment, film and culture, it’s time there was a broad platform to celebrate it all” – “[Local TV] would offer the opportunity to showcase local affairs, interests and aspirations” – “Showcase the grassroots arts, environmental, historical activities… in and around the city” – “The incredible arts community we have in Sheffield would no doubt bring an edge” – “A great way of supporting local talented musicians and filmmakers” – “Badly needed as regional coverage is often heavily Leeds focused”. Here are some more highlights from our survey findings…

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