Friday 19 Jul 2019

Our proposal

Our vision for a local television service draws on Sheffield’s history and culture of creativity and innovation. In music, art, design and manufacturing Sheffield has authentic stories to tell of a rich and fascinating local heritage, a dynamic current environment full of talent and ambition, and exciting prospects for future development. Our goal is to establish an inclusive and sustainable local television channel that shows what is vibrant and distinctive about Sheffield, that meets the public interest in local news and information, and that offers a platform for local opinion and creative expression.

SLTV will be a demand led, local television service catering for the tastes and interests of the people of Sheffield and the Sheffield City Region. Our programming will reflect Sheffield’s strengths and cultures – green, friendly, creative and diverse. Local news and information will be a core offer but we will also feature local music, local talent and local festivals and events. Programming will also target minority interests that are not well catered for by existing services. We aim to provide 100 per cent local production and local programming at peak viewing times from 1800-2230. At other times SLTV content will be of general and specialist interest, including from local archives and independent producers. Here is a sample programme schedule that is indicative of our ideas.

SLTV will draw particularly on the experience of local community radio station, Sheffield Live! 93.2fm, which involves around 120 volunteer producers on a weekly basis producing up to 18 hours per day of locally made and locally relevant radio content. SLTV will provide public access to facilities for content production co-located with Sheffield Live community radio, enabling sharing of technical resources and support services, and facilitating cross-platform co-operation and, in some cases, joint programming.

SLTV will act as a publisher-broadcaster for independent producers that have access to their own resources. South Yorkshire Film-makers Network, one of the partners in our consortium, has 1400 independent film and video producers in membership, many of whom have expressed firm interest in providing locally made content for the local television service. SLTV will work closely with Sheffield’s local universities – Sheffield Hallam University and University of Sheffield – and with Sheffield College, whose students in journalism and media production have access to a broadcast standard digital television studio at their Norton Centre.

It is at the heart of the strategic approach of SLTV that it should work with and not displace existing media businesses and that it should contribute to the sustainability and growth of Sheffield’s creative and digital sector. SLTV will work with organizations like Sheffield Live, Kinematic Media Ltd, South Yorkshire Film-makers Network and the Sheffield College, to assure a sustainable model of local production that will contribute to the safeguarding of existing jobs and the creation of new ones.

Let us know what you would like to see on SLTV. Click here to send your comments and ideas.

If you want to find out more you can read the public copy of our licence application here:

Please note this public copy excludes some financial information which we consider commercially sensitive. If you are interested in supporting Sheffield Local Television and want to know more about our business and financial plan, click here to contact us directly. We will be very happy to talk to you.

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