Friday 19 Jul 2019

Ofcom confirms SLTV licence award


Ofcom has confirmed the award to SLTV of the local TV licence for Sheffield with reasons for its decision.

The announcement follows a meeting of Ofcom’s licensing committee to “re-take” the decision on the Sheffield licence award, after an internal review found irregularities in the processing of one of the other applications.

Steve Buckley, Chair of SLTV, said:

“We are relieved and reassured to have the local TV licence for Sheffield confirmed. We would like to thank again all those who have supported our bid. We are confident our consortium is best placed to deliver the service that people of Sheffield want.  We look forward now to getting on with the serious planning that will be needed to put local TV on the air in Sheffield by the end of 2013.”

According to the statement from Ofcom,  SLTV is “more likely to broaden the range of programming available for viewing by persons living or working in Sheffield” and “would better cater for the tastes, interests and needs of the people of Sheffield, covering a particularly culturally rich range of genres.” Ofcom noted that SLTV “had established roots in the Sheffield community” and “had more developed links with and had received firm commitments from a larger number of institutions”.

Ofcom added that SLTV’s ” community television model was innovative and would be more likely to provide social benefits to persons living and working in Sheffield because of the involvement of community volunteers and the experience of the applicant in community media. In addition, Sheffield Local Television’s application showed a well considered long term approach to the development of its service which gave the BLC confidence in its ability to maintain the proposed service.”



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