Friday 19 Jul 2019

Sheffield “a national leader in creativity and productivity”


Sheffield “is a national leader in creativity and productivity,” the city council’s Simon Green said at a public consultation about a local television channel for Sheffield, and local television would help take the city’s creative industries to a new level.

Green – the council’s executive director for place – said that the creative industries contribute £1bn of turnover to the city region’s economy and called the opportunity for a Sheffield TV channel hugely exciting, saying it would help take the city’s creative industries to a new level and play a great part in the city’s economic agenda as well as its creative one.

Green also applauded Sheffield Local Television’s consortium approach, calling this crucial so that a local television station, with demand-led innovative programming, would effectively collaborate with activity across Sheffield.

The public consultation event, organised by Sheffield Local Television, also included programming ideas and interim results from a city wide survey. The survey, which is running until midnight on Friday 3rd August, has already received hundreds of responses, finding that over 86% of respondents feel that Sheffield should have its own local television station, with similarly high (over 80%) majorities wanting more Sheffield local news on television and saying a local television station would help to make politicians and the council more accountable.

Sheffield Local Television says the proposed channel, which would be available via freeview on digital television as well as via cable and the internet, would “showcase Sheffield’s rich and dynamic local heritage and current environment.”

Cllr Isobel Bowler, the City Council’s Cabinet member for Culture, Sport and Leisure said: “We believe that England’s fourth largest city deserves its own television station to provide detailed coverage of Sheffield news and to discuss all the topical local issues that affect people in our city.”
Sheffield is one of 21 locations included in a first phase of local television licensing by the media regulator Ofcom, after 15 months of campaigning by Sheffield’s local television consortium.

The consortium must make its formal application by mid-August.
Steve Buckley of CM Solutions, part of the consortium, said:

“Sheffield has a superb local history of culture, creativity and innovation. A local television channel would build on this history – and provide a fresh, accessible medium for the city to participate in and a great platform for Sheffield’s talent.”

Sheffield residents are invited to take part in a survey which takes 2 minutes to complete before midnight on 3rd August. It is available at

A survey aimed at businesses is also available at

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